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Watch the excitement, intensity and nervousness on the faces of these young musicians as they demonstrate for family and friends what they have learned– just 7 weeks after starting on their instrument. The First Performance package is available to help you produce this performance of a lifetime and contains everything you need in one package.

The Music Achievement Council was formed in 1983 for the express purpose of supporting instrumental music programs in our schools. The council produces educational materials for use by band and orchestra directors to help improve the recruiting and retention of instrumental music students.

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This section of the NAMM Foundation Web Site has been designed to provide instrumental music teachers with materials, tips, tools and resources to support their goal of recruiting and retaining students.

Tips for Success will help answer a range of questions, from how to prepare an instrument replacement plan to how to expand the learning power of music. These tips are complemented by short videos and will enhance the user’s experience.

This Web Site section also features products that teachers can order or download for use in their classrooms. Sample marketing letters, actions that help retain students and information on how to get parents involved are all provided in the Practical Guide for Recruitment and Retention.

The future of our music education landscape continues to warrant the proactive efforts of everyone. The Music Achievement Council has once again come to the forefront with their latest-greatest edition of Tips for Success. Let us all pledge our heartfelt efforts-and-energies to the most positive, beneficial music making opportunities for today's young artists who are destined to be tomorrow's leaders by incorporating this priceless blueprint-for-success in our ongoing music advocacy outreach.

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Clinician, Guest Speaker, Music Advocate