New Research Bullentin Available

NEW Reseach Bulletin Available from the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), a division of the Council of Chief State School Officers. 

NEW SupportMusic "Make Your Case" Database from NAMM and NAfME

Check out the NEW SupportMusic "Make Your Case" Database from NAMM and NAfME.  It's a library of resources for your advocacy efforts. 

SupportMusic Urges Lansing, MI School Board to Rethink Music and Arts Teacher Cuts

Music and the arts are designated core curriculum and require core curriculum funding and the highest quality teachers. In support of the need to provide the best possible learning opportunities for children in Lansing, we urge you to reconsider your decision.

Show Support for Your Local Music Education Program with SupportMusic Advocacy Materials

With schools looking to cut their budgets, NAMM's free advocacy materials are invaluable tools for validating the importance of keeping music education in schools. Share with parents and school administrators or pass them out in your store or community!

Reframing Advocacy

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Parents, teachers and administrators want and expect high quality music education for their children because of its remarkable benefits.

Join the effort of music education advocates working together to support a quality education for all children that includes music and the arts.

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