NAMM Foundation Articles & News

  • Country Artists Sound off on Music in Schools

    Talking Up Music Education is a podcast from The NAMM Foundation about music education. Fans of country music are encouraged to download and listen today.
  • NAMM Member Highlights From The 2018 NAMM D.C. Fly-In

    NAMM’s Music Education Advocacy D.C. Fly-In concluded with a SupportMusic Coalition, “LIVE from Washington, D.C.” webcast. During the webcast, NAMM members reflected on their week on the Hill.
  • Community Music Making at 2018 Summer NAMM

    Get energized to play music at 2018 Summer NAMM.
  • SupportMusic Coalition on Coalitions at Summer NAMM

    Planning your Summer NAMM schedule? Attend the SupportMusic Coalition on Coalitions for Music Education Advocacy Forum while in Nashville. See you there!
  • From The Desk of Mary: Planets Align for Global Day of Music

    For all of us that believe in music, its inherent value to every human being and its potential to 'save us all,' the planets truly do align on June 21 as the northern hemisphere Summer Solstice marks the jubilant and global Make Music Day.
  • The NAMM Foundation Announces $675k in Music Making Grants to Twenty-Five Organizations

    The National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM) has announced that the organization will benefit 25 music making organizations to a total sum of $675,000. The beneficiaries hail from all corners of the world and while each is unique in the instruction and areas it serves, the beneficiaries share in the Foundation’s mission creating and supporting access to quality music education programs to inspire a life-long love of music making.
  • Grantee Spotlight: Coalition for Music Education in Canada

    The Coalition for Music Education in Canada, a 16-year NAMM Foundation Music Making Grantee, was founded in 1992 to improve the state of music education in Canada. The Coalition’s mission is to raise the awareness and understanding of the role that music education plays in Canadian culture, and to promote the benefits that music education brings to young people.
  • Grantee Spotlight: ANAFIMA

    ANAFIMA, Associação Nacional Da Indústria da Música, is the Brazilian music industry association that serves over 1,200 people annually across Brazil. A third-time NAMM Foundation grantee, ANAFIMA has utilized the grant to increase Brazil’s participation in Music Teaching Week, which aims to use education as an instrument to generate a passion for music, and Make Music Day.
  • The Role of Arts Education

    Talking Up Music Education is a podcast from The NAMM Foundation about music education. Download episodes that put a spotlight and examine the role of arts education.
  • Follow us on Social Media During the NAMM Music Education Advocacy D.C. Fly-In

    NAMM is headed to their annual gathering at the NAMM Music Education Advocacy D.C. Fly-In, May 21-24. NAMM members and music education advocates are encouraged to follow us on social media to get live updates from the Hill.