NAMM Foundation Grants President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities Support for Turnaround Arts Program

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Continuing its commitment to advancing participation in music making, The NAMM Foundation is supporting a research project in collaboration with the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and its Turnaround Arts program. Turnaround Arts expands music and arts education in low-performing schools with the goal to close the achievement gap and increase student engagement using high quality, integrated arts education.  

The NAMM-funded Turnaround Arts research effort includes data-gathering and assessment to test the hypothesis that high-quality music and arts education boosts academic success, motivates student learning and improves school culture as part of overall school reform efforts. The NAMM Foundation’s support helps Turnaround Arts provide music education and arts resources, including frequent coaching for principals and school arts leadership teams, professional development for teachers, community partnerships, Turnaround Artist visits, and ongoing evaluation.

The NAMM Foundation seeks to strengthen music education in schools and communities nationwide through its SupportMusic Coalition, and has supported numerous projects investigating the impact of active music making during various stages of life. NAMM Foundation-funded research continues to demonstrate positive relationships between music education and overall student achievement. 

CAPTION: L to R --  Kalpen Modi, actor, writer and producer, PCAH Member; Mary Luehrsen, executive director of the NAMM Foundation; Larry Morton, president of Hal Leonard Corporation and NAMM Chairman; Ricky Arriola, President and CEO of Inktel Direct and PCAH Member, attend the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities breakfast. The NAMM Foundation was honored for its continued support of the Turnaround Arts program. Photo by: Tony Brown.