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A new NAMM Foundation-funded nationwide study of 1,000 teachers and 800 parents shows a strong support for music education at all grade levels. “Striking a Chord: The Public’s Hopes and Beliefs for K-12 Music Education in the United States 2015,” was unveiled May 19 at the National Press Club during NAMM’s annual D.C. Fly-In for Music Education. The study finds that strong majorities of teachers and parents say music education is very important and should continue to be funded, even at the expense of other programs and classes.

“The data couldn’t be more clear,” said Peter Grunwald, President of Grunwald Associates LLC, the research firm that conducted the survey. “Teachers and parents told us repeatedly that music is an essential part of learning, not merely an ‘extracurricular activity’ that can be cut when times get tough.”

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Additionally, The NAMM Foundation’s advocacy brochure Why Learn to Play Music? has been revised to include new research and statistics highlighting the many benefits of music education. The Why Learn to Play Music? advocacy brochure features research and statistics highlighting the many benefits of music education. Don’t miss this great opportunity to educate your customers about the value of music education!

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