NAMM Members Report in on Make Music Day Successes at Summer NAMM ‘15

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The NAMM Foundation Nook was host to a packed Recreational Music Making Forum (RMM), hosted by Executive Director Mary Luehrsen. Panelists and attendees donned colorful leis as a visual representation of the joy making music brings to individuals and communities.

NAMM Public Relations Director Lora Bodmer described Make Music Day as a “movement” open to all NAMM Members. In fact, NAMM Members are encouraged to participate in this international day of music making. Benefits outlined in the forum included not only community-building, but also the PR and logistical support offered by NAMM and The Make Music Alliance.

Alex Ordonez, VP of Marketing, Alfred and Rick Carlson, Sales Director/Artists Relations, Kala described how, as manufacturers, it was important to promote and then support retailers that want to participate in Make Music Day. This year there were 2,654 performances at 833 venues by 2,139 bands across 38 cities, with 58 NAMM Member companies involved. Additionally, there were sixty-eight single instrument groups led by a facilitator called “Mass Appeal Events,” that were staged in 34 cities with 35 NAMM members providing instruments, sheet music, facilitators or all of the above.

Heard from the experts

Aaron Friedman, Executive Director of the Make Music Alliance, Matt Fox, Nashville City Organizer, and Dave Ruder, NAMM Foundation Mass Appeal Fellow encouraged NAMM members to reach out to local city organizers and to take advantage of the Make Music Day tool kit, which provides a step-by-step guide for getting involved.

As the RMM Forum was wrapping up, NAMM Members had the opportunity to mingle with several Make Music Day City Organizers who answered questions, gave pointers on how to get started, and talked through ideas for participating in Make Music Day 2016.

Uke parade

The Forum ended with a literal trumpet call to action to join the first Summer NAMM Ukulele Parade. NAMM Members and Music Industry Day Guests were led by Bethany Gilbert on trumpet accompanied by uke facilitator Todd Elgin on ukulele. Together, they led the parade to the tune of When the Saints Go Marching In. The parade led right into the next event, the annual ukulele circle where eager attendees were waiting to join in.

Drum circle

To close out the show and wrap up a day of music making, Ed Gaus of Bongo Boy Music School rolled in with dozens of djembes, bongos, congas, tambourines, shakers, and lots of other percussion instruments. In grand NAMM tradition, the summer show ended with more than 50 people pounding in united rhythm as they followed Guas’s lead.

Make sure you join us in Anaheim for The 2016 NAMM Show Day of Music Making on Sunday, January 24, 2016 in the ACC Member Center where we will build on the momentum from Nashville and add harmonica, trombone, and trumpet circles.