Top Ten Reasons to Attend GenNext at The 2018 NAMM Show

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Each January college music students and music faculty members are invited to attend GenNext at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Here are the top ten reasons why students and faculty should attend The 2018 NAMM Show!

  1. Get Your Feet Wet. Let’s face it. Everyone attends The NAMM Show to get exposure to the music industry. It’s like the Grammys of the music products industry.
  2. The Atmosphere. The overall experience of The NAMM Show is electric and never ending. Expect good live music every night.
  3. Use Your Brain. Learn business strategies and best practices from industry insiders, and spark your own #musical master plan. Idea Center sessions will unlock creativity, NAMM U will inspire, and The College Music Society sessions will educate.
  4. Product Demos. The show floor is a music haven with over 7,000 brands. You will get lost. Expect nothing less.
  5. A Photo Opp With Your Favorite Musician. Walk the miles of exhibits on the show floor and maybe you’ll bump into someone famous, like John Mayer or Jason Mraz.

     (Photo by HarmonyCentral)

  6. Get Your Grub On. Taco trucks on the Grand Plaza = enough said. If you’re not a taco fan, attend educational sessions throughout the week. Most offer free food and strong coffee. Your belly will be happy and your wallet, less empty.
  7. Embrace Your Inner Hippie. The annual all-industry drum circle on Friday night draws 350+ people. Join ‘em and get into the groove. If drumming isn’t your forte, there are other circles to join that might strike your fancy. The Ukulele Circle will take place on Sun., January 28.

  8. Get an Insta Tribe. You’ll be surrounded by thousands of college students from across the country for an entire week. When you leave the show, you’ll belong to a solid network and have friends for life.
  9. Be Inspired. Steve Wozniak said, “Music is like the magic dust bringing love to people.” How can you not want to hug everyone you know after hearing that?
  10. Wear Your Favorite Band Tank Top. So-Cal weather is always moderate, never humid, and almost always PERFECT. 


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