MAC: Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

To assist you in your role as a music education professional, we've loaded a flash drive with PDF editions of:

A Practical Guide for Recruitment and Retention. The most complete manual on recruiting and retention for beginning instrumental music, compiled from ideas and practices of music teachers, music dealers and the music products industry.

A PDF Guide Containing 24 Tips for Success and MAC Video Interviews. The Tips for Success covers a wide range of subjects, all important to today's modern music educator. In addition to the 24 written Tips, you'll find helpful video interviews with music educators just like you talking about how they use the Tips for Success in their classrooms and the immediate impact they can have on student and classroom success.

Bridging The Gap. Bringing together the efforts of Middle and High School teachers, parents, principals, music supervisors and yes, students themselves, has a profound effect on recruiting, and especially retention going from Middle to High School. The key to successful retention is ACTION. On the next pages are a number of strategies that successful instrumental music educators and their constituents use to ensure a seamless transition from the first day that the student picks up their instrument through high school graduation—and beyond.

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