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Participants learned why and how these programs are growing to meet the needs of students who will learn and grow with expanded music education opportunities.

Special guests included:
• Dr. John R. Hill - Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Elkhart Community Schools
• Brian Wiebe - Executive Director, Horizon Education Alliance
• Doug Johnson - Fine Arts Coordinator, Racine Unified School District
• Mike Kamphuis - Managing Director, Conn-Selmer Institute

Follow up to the launch of the National Core Arts Standards and a conversation with music education supervisors. Among the issues that were covered:
• Why do national arts education standards matter? How to they contribute to our advocacy and dialogues about the importance of music and arts education for every child?
• How do these new standards differ from standards developed and promoted over ten years ago?
• How can standards be used locally - in individual school districts - to advance access and opportunity for all children to be engaged in arts learning?
• How can standards unite arts educators across various arts disciplines so to create a unified approach to curriculum development and student inclusion in arts learning K-12?
• How can the new arts education standards matter to YOUR district?