Student Career Development and Music Skills Showcased at the NSBA Annual Conference

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At the National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) Annual Conference, April 9-11, The NAMM Foundation sponsored several music-education related sessions. “INFORMANCE: A hands-on experience from inside the music ensemble,” was moderated by Dr. Merryl Goldberg, from California State University San Marcos.

School board members and students from Jazz Chords of Calloway High School interacted in a way that highlighted the role of music education, revealing its foundation for teamwork, discipline, and empathy. Improvised solos by both groups were joyful and engaging. 

“The workshop provided an example of how music and the arts can be a bridge that enables students to enter into new worlds, cultures, and understandings,” said Goldberg. “The skills they learn through music are foundational to success in life and in their chosen careers.”

The connection between these skills and career development was made transparent. 

Nathan Diaz, a student from Jazz Chords of Calloway High School who sees a future in sports medicine, said the group performs to experts in their fields, not only their peers.

“It’s an incentive to perform to the best of my ability,” said Nathan Diaz. “To see people pay attention and care about what we do and what we love, is cool.”

David Bruno Photography