MAC: First Performance - A Demonstration Concert

First Performance - A Demonstration Concert

First Performance is a short, demonstration concert which has been designed to show parents what the students have learned within the first six to eight weeks of school. The package is a complete, “turn-key” set of materials that contains parts, sample letters, programs and even certificates for the students. First Performance is also fully scripted which is a perfect way to engage your school principal in a pro-active and positive experience in front of eager, happy parents. All the students need to know is just five notes! Directors have told us that this is the most exciting performance each year – both for them and audience. The audience is always large and the sound of applause is infectious. The parents are thrilled to see their students performing and the students discover early on the joy of making music with others.  First Performance is available through your local music dealer or call 800.767.6266.

Get your First Performance scheduled today and jumpstart your Beginning Instrumental Music program! Band and orchestra arrangements are available.

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