Will my gift be tax deductible?

Donations to the NAMM Foundation are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The NAMM Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit (Federal Tax ID 33-0797657). See also: Can I Deduct My Charitable Contributions?

Please note: The information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax adviser. References to estate and income taxes include federal taxes only. State income/estate taxes or state law may differ.

How do I find out if my company matches my gifts to the NAMM Foundation?

Your company’s Human Resources department will know if your company’s policies provide a match of your donation to the NAMM Foundation.

How can I get more involved in getting music into my child’s school?

As a parent, a community member or business owner, your voice must be heard to influence school budget and curriculum decisions that assure all children have access to music education. The NAMM Foundation’s Community Action kit will guide you in communicating with school board members and administrators, who are the decision makers for every local district and who are influenced by the interests of the local population.

What are the benefits of music education to my child?

The list is long. Playing music has been scientifically proven to benefit people of all ages—School-aged children who play music do better in school and in life, and teens see music as their “social glue” and as a bridge for building acceptance and tolerance for people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Access hundreds of additional facts here.

Can I donate an instrument to the NAMM Foundation?

The NAMM Foundation is unable to accept instrumental donations; however, we work closely with other nonprofit organizations; experts in this specialized activity. Please contact us for more information

Are there other ways to support to the NAMM Foundation apart from monetary donations?

Yes. Our efforts to keep music education strong in communities everywhere relies on thousands of grassroots advocates; concerned citizens willing to take action. Find out how you can get involved here. The NAMM Foundation also hosts “Day of Service” events in schools that are working to strengthen their music education programs. Contact us to receive information.

How will my donation help?

All donations to the NAMM Foundation support its efforts to keep music education strong in communities everywhere, advance research about music benefits, encourage young people to follow their ambitions for careers in music and be a global information hub about the benefits of making music for people of all ages.