The NAMM Foundation supports teachers, parents and community leaders with resources and programs to advance music making for all.


Community Spotlight

Music teaches students creativity. If students are having a rough day, they can go into their music class and focus on something that is positive.
- Sarah Cam, Visual and Performing Arts Teacher, Anaheim Elementary

Best Communities for Music Education

Now in its 22nd year, The NAMM Foundation will continue the Best Communities for Music Education program, although as a revised “special edition” to reflect current realities.  We want this year to reflect the ongoing commitment of your community to support music education as a vital part of a well-rounded education for all children.  Awards will also recognize innovation music learning and the vital connections music education is providing.


SupportMusic Coalition

The SupportMusic Coalition is a signature program of The NAMM Foundation that unites non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses working to assure that music education is supported in communities everywhere, and that all children have the opportunity to learn and grow with music.

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