Webinar Series: The International Ukulele Teaching Symposium

“Come and join the discussion about teaching and learning to play the ukulele! You can be part of a growing movement to utilize the ukulele to gain music literacy, develop musicianship, and engage in music-making for learners of all ages." - Peter Luongo
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The International Ukulele Teaching Symposium webinar series was built off of the Believe in Music Week's Ukulele Teaching Symposium’s ‘big picture' discussion about teaching and learning to play the ukulele. This follow-up series will examine specific, real-world established teaching/learning models which are serving large and age-diverse populations. Each webinar highlights models that have shown sustained success over time- by exploring the elements of their success, providing teachers the opportunity to learn, borrow from, emulate, and replicate.

Believe in Music Week, Jan. 18-22

A three-part discussion with individuals who are renowned for their practical, theoretical, and pedagogical ukulele teaching backgrounds examining best practices in ukulele teaching, the move to on-line learning, and a look at learning in a post-COVID world. Watch the symposium on the playlist above, or on YouTube:

Part I: Ukulele Instruction: What We Know Works
Part II: Virtual Learning: Best Practices for Learning to Play the Ukulele Online
Part III: Teaching Ukulele After COVID

The International Ukulele Teaching Symposium Webinar Series Schedule

Watch the International Ukulele Teaching Symposium webinar series on this page, on the last Thursday of every month. Dates indicated below.

The Toronto Ukulele Project: The Doane Ukulele Legacy Lives On

March 25, 2021
Watch the webinar in the playlist above.

Moderator: Peter Luongo
Speakers: J. Chalmers and Melanie Doane

J. Chalmers Doane (the grandfather of Canadian ukulele) developed a model of ukulele instruction that dates back 60 years. His program served as a model for teachers across Canada. That vision has been sustained through the 40-years of successful learning experiences provided to students in the community of Langley and through the work that James Hill is doing with his 'Ukulele in The Classroom’ initiative. In recent years, J. Chalmers' daughter, Melanie has initiated a ‘ukulele school’ in Toronto, Canada that offers community based ukulele-music instruction to children.

Hawaii’s Sakuma Ukulele Studios

April 29, 2021
Watch the webinar in the playlist above.

Moderator: Peter Luongo
Speakers: Roy Sakuma, Kathy Sakuma and Jake Shimabukuro 

Roy Sakuma Studios are the ‘go to’ for ukulele instruction in Hawaii. His studios have provided thousands of students the opportunity to learn to play the uke. His former students include the world famous, Jake Shimabukuro, Paula Fuga, and a cast of amazing Hawaiian ukulele performers. 

Langley Ukulele Association - Enriching Lives through Ukulele

May 27, 2021
Watch the webinar in the playlist above.

Moderator: Peter Luongo
Speakers: Elizabeth Zielke, Paul Luongo 

Celebrating it’s 40th year of Enriching Lives Through Music, the Langley Ukulele Association has a long-standing reputation for providing young people with outstanding musical experiences, excellent music instruction, and the opportunity to showcase both their talents and the potential of the ukulele.  The association is made up of multiple performing groups ranging from beginners through to a touring ensemble who regularly perform at a Resort in Waikiki. The association continues to offer community lessons, ukulele Camps, and a teacher-training program for teens. Alumni of this group give credit for their personal and professional successes to their experiences in the ensembles.

James Hill Ukulele Initiatives

June 24, 2021
Watch the webinar in the playlist above.

Moderator: Peter Luongo
Speaker: James Hill

James grew up and began his ukulele instruction in Langley and was a long-time member of the Langley Ukulele Association. He has gone on to become one of the world’s finest ukulele performers and has paired up with Chalmers Doane to design the ‘Ukulele In the Classroom’ program for prospective teachers. James has developed a number of initiatives that focus on teaching and learning to play the ukulele. 

Selecting Ukulele Festival & Workshop Experiences: Virtual and/or In-person    

July 29, 2021
Watch the webinar in the playlist above.

Host: Peter Luongo
Speakers: Mary Agnes Krell, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel

Further examination of what makes the ukulele events that these individuals put together so successful. Learners and prospective teachers will all benefit from hearing what festival organizers do to attract attendees.