NAMM Foundation COVID-19 Resources

"My biggest surprise since we switched to online music lessons is that they work! Teachers and students alike are finding they are both more engaged." - Myrna Sislen, Owner, Middle C Music
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Resources to Inspire Music Making, Learning and Teaching

All of us at The NAMM Foundation express our concern and support for everyone that is experiencing the realities of the current global health crisis. Teaching and learning music can continue and even thrive through the remarkable tools, resources and people that are engaging in music online.

Provided resources have been created by The NAMM Foundation (webinars) and curated by NAMM Foundation grantees and partner organizations. Should you wish to submit an online music learning resource that addresses current and evolving needs, please contact us


NAMM COVID-19 Resources

Music Educators:

Facebook Group: Music Educators Creating Online Learning 
Join an interactive and dynamic online community that is exploring and sharing music learning and teaching platforms, best practices and other how-tos to address the “real time” needs of online music making.

NAfME and NFHS Return to Music Guidance Phase III August 2021
Yamaha's Post-Pandemic Planning Guide
State and School Districts' Reopening Plans: A Snapshot
Fall 2020 Guidance for Music Education 
NAfME’s Professional Development Resources
NAfME’s Virtual Learning Resources
NAfME’s Professional Learning Community
NFHS' Performing Arts COVID-19 Resources
Carnegie Hall’s Online Teaching Resources
Why Kids Need Teachers During Coronavirus School Closings
Save The Music’s Remote Teaching Resources
NAMM's COVID-19 & Social Distancing Music Making Resources
The K-12 Educator’s Guide to Safe and Effective Videoconferencing


Note: Nonprofit organizations are eligible for economic relief efforts.

Cares Act Analysis
SBA.Gov’s Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
Stimulus Bill Provides Nonprofit Loans, Grants, and One-Year ‘Universal Deduction’
AFTA’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource and Response Center
AFTA’s National Economic Snapshot Survey and Dashboard
Staying Inspired in a Time of Crisis Webinar by the Mentora Institute
Resources to Help Nonprofits - The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Independent Sector Resources for Nonprofits
Independent Sector's Top 11 Q's about Relief for Nonprofits under the CARES Act
Arts Wisconsin's CARES Act for the Creative Sector 
Washington Snapshot
Keeping Your People Together Through the COVID-19 Process
How The $2 Trillion COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Bill Impacts Philanthropy
Nonprofit Finance Fund Resources and Webinars

Parents and Students:

Arts Ed Collab’s Resources
CAPE Chicago’s Arts Resources for Families Stuck at Home
Home-based Learning Resources to Support Parents

Instrument Cleaning:

Third Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Study: Written Report of DataVideo Conversation of Results (with Lead Researchers and Co-Chairs), Let's Talk About Transmission (Video)
Second Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Study Produces Encouraging Preliminary Results
NAMM's COVID-19 and Instrument Cleaning
The Piano Technicians Guild Suggestions for Safely Disinfecting Pianos
CSFI's Good Practice Guide
She Shreds Magazine's How to Disinfect Musical Instruments
Volwein's Music: Instrument Hygiene for Musicians
Connolly Music's Cleaning Your Brass Instruments
CDC Cleaning Surfaces Guidelines
Infection Control: Keeping Your Music Instruments Clean and Safe
National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians's Instrument Cleanliness

Amro Music's Video Series on Sanitizing Instruments: Wind Instruments, Stringed InstrumentsClarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Saxophone, French Horn.