Music Follows You: The 2017 NAMM Foundation PSA

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Music is innately human. Across cultures, across generations, it shapes our lives; its melodies break down barriers and build bridges; its songs tell our stories, our history, and shares in the poignant memories we cherish. Music – and the act of music making – orchestrates our emotions into audible empathies that can be shared with the masses.  

From our first heartbeat, to our dying breath’s last rattle, we are music, and music follows us throughout our lifetime. 

“Music Follows You” is the title and concept of The NAMM Foundation’s 2017 PSA. The PSA serves to inspire its viewers to think about music – and themselves – differently than before. The thirty-second spot features spoken word artist Steve Connell who espouses this view of music in a lyrical fashion that is sure to capture audiences and provide inspiration to break barriers of the self-limiting notions of who makes music – and at what age. 

The NAMM Foundation invites you to share this important message with your friends, family, colleagues and others, to think about how music has followed you through your own life.  

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