Annual Fund

Help Create a World of Music Makers

Since 2007, through the support of NAMM members the NAMM Foundation has contributed nearly $15 million to fund programs across a broad range of musical genres and for people of all ages and abilities. Your support with our Annual Fund, assures that we can do more to make a more musical world.

A Note From C.F. Martin IV Chairman/CEO of C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. Chair, NAMM Foundation Board of Directors

My family’s business has been helping musicians make music since 1833. Today, it is still important to help people of all ages and abilities make music. NAMM’s goal is to create a more musical world where every child can have the opportunity to learn and grow with music and music making. As Chairman of The NAMM Foundation, I am very proud to help promote this noble goal.

The NAMM Foundation’s activities and outcomes of the past year are summarized below. As the Foundation grows these (and other) activities, it will expand to serve more people and lead the way to create more music makers.

You can give to the annual fund that supports our grant programs providing instruments and music instruction for children and young people, direct your gifts for guitar instruction through the Bill Collings Memorial Fund, and support women as leaders in music via our new Smart Women in Music Fund (SWIM). We can also review your desire to establish a donor-advised fund aligned with the mission of The NAMM Foundation.

I invite you to join me in supporting The NAMM Foundation as we all work together to create a more musical world.

Thank you,