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More than 10,000 people gathered in sunny and sultry Miami, Florida to celebrate AARP’s Life@50+ National Event on May 14 – 16. The destination, as vibrant as the attendees, drew AARP members, both new and old, from around the country. The event combined education, entertainment, networking, and just plain fun.

Partnering with The National Center for Creative Aging and The NAMM Foundation, Cabot’s Art of Aging programming involved audience members in storytelling, music, and dance, as well as practical guidance on social media strategies for parents and grandparents.

Music took to the Cabot Art of Aging stage many times throughout the conference. From New Horizons Music and its founder, Dr. Roy Ernst, three different bands from around Florida performed and encouraged audience members to do so too. New Horizons is based on the idea that everyone can and should invite music into their lives. Dr Ernst explained the many benefits of playing an instrument, whether you are a beginner or are picking up from where you left off in high school band!

The non-profit National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) provided instruments for a rollicking good time in both the Drum Circle and the Ukulele Circle, where members with and without musical skills were able to unleash their inner performer and play along with the experts. The smiles were non-stop and the circles made some beautiful music.

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