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NAMM Foundation Webinar: Making Music Online—How-To's for Private and Group Lessons 

Wednesday, March 25
9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern

The NAMM Foundation presented "Making Music Online: How-To's for Private and Group Lessons," on Wednesday, March 25 at 9 am pacific/12 pm eastern. Guests included Myrna Sislen, owner of Middle C Music and Miriam and Mike Risko, owners of Risko Music. Both retailers have adapted their business models to move in-store music lessons online to keep their students connected and making music.  

This webinar also featured Lindsay Zehren, director of program development and neurologic music therapist from Resounding Joy, Inc. and Stephanie Lamond, Little Bear's director and marketing manager from Blue Bear School of Music. Zehren and Lamond discussed how they brought group lessons and therapeutic music-making online for toddlers, kids with compromised physical health, adult first responders, and people with special needs in a manner of days. 

The webinar also included music teachers who are teaching online and students who are participating in the new lesson format as well as from kids, parents and first responders who are participating in only music therapy. 

Hosted by NAMM Foundation executive director Mary Luehrsen, this webinar offers practical tips, how-to's and motivation to move your music lessons online. 


Myrna Sislen
Myrna Sislen, owner, Middle C Music

Miriam and Mike Risko
Miriam and Mike Risko, owners, Risko Music

Stephanie Lamond
Stephanie Lamond, Little Bear's program director, marketing manager, Blue Bear School of Music

Lindsay Zehren
Lindsay Zehren, director of program development and neurologic music therapist, Resounding Joy Inc.

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