The NAMM Advocacy Summit: Learn, Engage and Advocate for Music Education

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NAMM Advocacy Summit

NAMM members, music educators and administrators, college music faculty and students, music and cultural organization staff, parents, teachers, and community members are invited to attend the NAMM Virtual Advocacy Summit on May 25, 2021.  The summit includes advocacy briefing and training, to continue our work as music education champions. Register to attend today; the next generation of music makers is counting on us!   

NAMM Advocacy Summit

May 25, 2021

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On-Demand sessions begin Tuesday, May 18. Live sessions begin on Tuesday, May 25, from 10 am - 2:45 pm PT/1-5:45 pm ET.

On-Demand Sessions:

  • Making the Most of a Best Communities for Music Education Recognition
  • The Cost of High-Quality Music Education
  • Arts and Chronic Absenteeism: A Four-Year Study of NYC Public Schools
  • Consideration for In-person Music Education and Performing Arts Activities
  • Safer Schools and Campuses: Best Practices
  • Amplify Your Advocacy

Live Sessions: 

  • Welcome Session and Call to Action
  • Leading Change: Leadership in a Time of Change
  • Education Forecasts: Changing Demographics and Opportunities for Music Learning
  • The 2021 “Ask” and Contacting Your Elected Officials
  • Advocacy: Give Me Five!
  • Contacting Elected Officials: Workshop
  • Final Thoughts and Wrap Up
  • Behind the Scenes Hang


Speakers include: Habib Bako, Independent Sector; Chris Cushing, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough; J. Dash, Slapdash Productions; Mark Despotakis, Pennsylvania Music Educators Association; Arne Duncan, Emerson Collective and Former U.S. Secretary of Education; Chris Duncombe, Education Commission of the States; Chiho Feindler, Save The Music Foundation; Mark Fermanich, APA Consulting; Tayloe Harding, University of South Carolina School of Music; Joe Lamond, NAMM; Scott Lang, Be Part of the Music; Mary Luehrsen, NAMM; Chris Martin, C.F. Martin & CO; Connie Myers, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough; Lance Nielsen, Lincoln Public Schools; Stephen Parker, National Governors Association; William Pelto, The College Music Society; Ainsley Fiedler Rentfrow, Fargo Public Schools; Thomas Scavone, East Hartford Public Schools; Lynn Tuttle, National Association for Music Education; Claus von Zastrow, Education Commission of the States; Dr. James Weaver, National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS); Eric Whitacre, Grammy Award-winning Composer and Conductor; Michael Yaffe, Yale University School of Music; Chalise Zolezzi, NAMM; and more coming soon!


Chris Martin, President and CEO, Martin Guitars, and NAMM Chair
Joe Lamond, President and CEO, NAMM
Mary Luehrsen, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, NAMM