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  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: The Power and Influence of Music Parents

    Parents of music students play many important roles. Two parents -- Scott McCormick (CEO of the National Association of Music Parents) and Hiram Jackson (a frequent contributor to the SupportMusic Facebook page) -- offer ways to motivate greater parental involvement. You’ll also find links to helpful books by Dr. John Benham and David Vandewalker, and resources from SupportMusic and NAfME (formerly MENC).
  • FOCUS ON ISSUES & DECISIONMAKING: An Overview of “Tips for Success: A HELPFUL Guide for Instrumental Music Teachers”

    Tips for Success: A Guide for Instrumental Music Teachers (newly revised by the Music Achievement Council) collects invaluable secrets and advice from leading music educators. It helps make music teachers’ jobs easier because it covers many topics neglected in formal teacher education programs.
  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: The Power of Persistence – Building Community Support for Music Education

    For the past 11 years, I have been the music supervisor for Loudoun County Public Schools in Northern Virginia. I also serve as the Stonewall District representative to the Frederick County, Virginia school board, a position I have held for four years.
  • FOCUS ON STUDENTS: Student Essay Contest Winners Pay Tribute to Influential Music Teachers

    We will do well to listen to what teens tell us about music as a common need and a constant presence in their lives. Music is their social glue – a bridge for building acceptance and tolerance for people of different ages and cultural circumstances. –- Patricia Shehan Campbell, Ph.D., NAMM Foundation “Sounds of Learning” research study, 2008
  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: Are You Using Social Media Yet to Support Music Education?

    Music educators and advocates everywhere are wisely taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn from and connect with each other through social media. Educational social media is not a new phenomenon, but rather something that has “newly” bloomed into an incredibly organized set of resources. Social media networks offer another way to deepen and share the impact of quality music programs on students everywhere.
  • FOCUS ON ISSUES & DECISIONMAKING: Statewide Partnership Model to Upgrade K-16 Music Education is Underway in WV

    Despite diminishing budgets, school districts nationwide are under extreme pressure to produce results on narrowly focused standardized tests. And yes, attempts to push the arts out of schools are occurring. But even under these difficult circumstances, school districts that choose to prioritize the arts for their students are able to offer, build and grow these programs.
  • FOCUS ON ISSUES & DECISIONMAKING: Why Creativity Matters

    On November 15-17, 2010 leaders from around the world will converge in Oklahoma City for the 2010 Creativity World Forum. This global event will explore how creativity and innovation drive commerce, culture and education, and will feature some of the world’s greatest thinkers in this area such as The New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink (“A Whole New Mind;” “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”) and the note
  • FOCUS ON STUDENTS: Award-winning Students Express Why Music Education is Key to a Well-Rounded School Curriculum

    Ten student essay winners captured how music education programs help keep them engaged in school and assist them on their way to becoming responsible citizens. For them, music education is about much more than simply learning to play the notes on a page: it’s about teamwork, communication, discipline, discovering the power of self-expression, joy and enjoyment, and developing respect for others.
  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: The Real “Crisis” in This Budget Crisis

    Virtually 100% of our nation’s schools currently face the same budget crisis. Yet this “crisis” is an opportunity for school boards and administrators to take a fresh look at our educational goals, policies and practices, and to re-evaluate what is truly important and what truly works. It’s an opportunity to re-define what comprises “the best possible education for our children.”
  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: Develop an Annual Report Featuring Your Music Education Program

    (Editor’s Note: Successful public school music education program advocates continually highlight the positive impact these programs have on students. Now more than ever, consider presenting an annual report to administrators and school board members. When done on an annual basis, it offers an opportunity to highlight achievements and evaluate progress made. This article by Dr. John Benham elaborates.)