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  • Music teacher and student learning an instrument

    Research Shows Music Education Costs Less Than You Think

    NEW Research Confirms Music Education Is a Good Investment for Public Schools
  • Teacher with kids playing the violin

    New Arts and Absenteeism Brochure

    The NAMM Foundation commissioned a four-year study conducted by Metis Associates to examine whether there is a relationship between the amount of music and arts implementation in New York City public schools and chronic absenteeism.
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    Aerosol Study Mitigation Strategies For Performing Arts In Schools

    The International Coalition Performing Arts Aerosol Study has released updated guidelines for music education classrooms for the fall. The guidance updates previous mitigation tactics with the understanding that states need to consult local and state COVID-19 guidance and transmission rates for appropriate mitigation adoption and adjust accordingly.
  • Safer Schools: Best Practices Template

    Safer Schools and Campuses: U.S. Dept. of Education Clearinghouse for Best Practices for Music Education Submission Template

    The U.S. Department of Education has put out a call for real-life examples of successful back-to-school risk management practices for pre-k through college classrooms that will then be available to teachers and administrators in a clearinghouse as they plan to return to in-person learning. Watch the video and download the template.
  • Considerations for In-person Music Education and Performing Arts Activities

    Considerations for In-person Music Education and Performing Arts Activities

    Leaders from a coalition that worked together to bring the aerosol study conducted by Dr. Shelly Miller at the University of Colorado, Boulder and Dr. Jelena Srebric at the University of Maryland. Center for Sustainability in the Built Environment share detailed mitigation strategies for music and arts classrooms. Watch the video today.
  • NFHS

    James Weaver Shares Details of the Performing Arts Aerosol Study

    Read an interview with Dr. James Weaver, NFHS Director of Performing Arts and Sports, who discusses the Performing Arts Aerosol Study.
  • NFHS

    Second Round of Performing Arts Aerosol Study Produces Encouraging Preliminary Results

    An aerosol study commissioned by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) and a coalition of more than 125 performing arts organizations has generated a second set of preliminary results that provides further optimism for mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on performing arts activities
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    An Argument for Music Education

    “The Argument for Music Education: musicians’ brains show striking benefits” from American Scientist, research from by Dr. Nina Kraus, neuroscientist – Northwestern University
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    Top 10 Instruments for Children to Learn to Play Music

    Playing and learning music benefits people of all ages, including children—and, it’s proven to be fun.
  • FOCUS ON ISSUES & DECISION MAKING: Music Education Research 101, Part II

    When music education advocates first sought “scientific” evidence to help protect programs, very little was known about how the brain works when making music. Today, the challenge of finding quality research is further complicated by the complexity of brain research, which covers a broad range of fields (e.g., cognitive, behavioral, developmental and neuropsychology). As a result, well-meaning advocates may grasp onto any research about music education, especially if it demonstrates a positive correlation between music and improvements in other academic areas. Inadvertently, many research results have been over-stated, over-generalized or over-promoted, causing skepticism about the motives of the advocates and relevance of the research.