Music in the News: Articles & News

  • The NAMM Foundation Recognizes 103 College Students with The President’s Innovation Award

    The NAMM Foundation has recognized 103 college music students with the organization’s President’s Innovation Award.
  • The Best Communities for Music Education Sought by The NAMM Foundation

    The annual award program celebrates music education programs across the country. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation is seeking school districts and schools with an exemplary commitment to music education to be recognized as part of the Foundation's Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) program.
  • The NAMM Foundation Announces $675,000 in Grants to 28 Music-Making Programs

    Grants support the mission of the organization to serve music-making around the world.
  • The NAMM Foundation Announces The Smart Women in Music (SWIM) Fund Scholarship Recipients

    The Smart Women in Music (SWIM) Fund Scholarship to attend The Summer NAMM Show, July 18-20, 2019.
  • Where are the Best Communities for Music Ed in the USA?

    The NAMM Foundation Recognizes 623 School Districts and 98 Individual Schools in 20th Annual Best Communities for Music Education Recognition Some Schools and Districts are Recognized Year After Year; New Honorees Recognize the Power of Music and the Arts
  • 2019 Supportmusic Merit Awards Schools

    Congratulations to the 98 schools that received the SupportMusic Merit Award (SMMA) from The NAMM Foundation! A SMMA Award is an opportunity for an individual school (public, private, parochial or charter) to be acknowledged for its commitment to music education. It is a "school-only" distinction awarded as part of the Best Communities for Music Education program.
  • 2019 Best Communities For Music Education Districts

    Congratulations to the 623 school districts that are among the Best Communities in the nation for music education. The award program recognizes outstanding efforts by teachers, administrators, parents, students and community leaders who have made music education part of a well-rounded education. Designations are made to districts and schools that demonstrate an exceptionally high commitment and access to music education.
  • Eric Whitacre: Advocate for Music Education as the Major Key to Building Community

    Do you remember the first time you played an instrument? Perhaps you recall the off-key screeches from blowing into the recorder in elementary school. Or maybe you down at the piano with your parents to learn “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” And it’s even possible you chose to join middle school choir so you could sing your heart out to your Broadway favorites.
  • MAC Corner: 8 Essentials for Maximizing Rehearsal Time

    According to School, Band and Orchestra, here are eight things music educators should be fitting into every rehearsal.
  • MAC Corner: Starting A Music Booster Organization

    School music booster organizations can be a tremendous asset to a school music program. These groups can also become a director’s worst nightmare. Booster organizations, like any group or business, must be well-planned and organized. By ​Dr. Charles T. Menghini. Excerpt from SBO (School, Band and Orchestra), Nov. 4, 2018, Digital Issue.