The Business Side of Teaching School Music: Choosing a Music Dealer

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The Business Side of Teaching School Music: Choosing a Music Dealer
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Instrumental music directors and parents should know that one of the strongest supporters of school music programs has been and continues to be the local full-service, school-oriented music dealer. Direct-mail and Internet retailers usually trade on price and do not offer service or indepth concern for the local school programs or community.

A working “partnership” with a full-service dealer can benefit your program and save time in a variety of ways. Numerous services are almost always offered by the local dealer, but not necessarily by the out-ofstate, telephone-based or Internet retailer.

You Should Expect:

  • The music dealer to have an established reputation of honest, fair and successful dealings with school music programs. This reputation will have been established by the services and support previously provided to the school.
  • The dealer representatives to understand the needs of your students and your music program.
  • The dealer representatives to conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with faculty, administration, students and parents.
  • Regular personal service calls scheduled on a consistent basis by their professional educational representatives.
  • A complete, in-house repair shop with highly trained technicians to care for all student-owned and school-owned instruments, including double reeds. All work should be fully guaranteed and completed with minimum interruption to your program.
  • Competitive prices for school bids.
  • Lease programs for new instrument purchases.
  • Specially priced folders, activity calendars and instrument nametags.
  • A comprehensive student-recruiting program supported by dealer personnel in cooperation with the school staff and administration.

The Music Dealer Should:

  • Be an authorized selling agent for a wide variety of instrument brands.
  • Provide loaner instruments for repair needs.
  • Make available a broad selection of method books, and ensemble and solo literature.
  • Provide advocacy materials and educational research reports for your use.

And Remember. . .

  • Your local dealer maintains a substantial inventory of instruments, accessories and printed music in anticipation of your classroom and ensemble needs. When you need services on instruments and equipment found in your band and orchestra rooms, your local school music dealer is there for you.
  • Local dealers are often former band directors who understand the school music program and are committed to serving the needs and total health of your music program.
  • These services are provided to help you be a successful music educator. Support those who support you!

A Sound Recruiting Program:

  • Written music aptitude tests given to all eligible classes to appraise natural ability
  • Provide and show a music motivation and recruiting film
  • Pre-test all interested students to assure physical capability on the instrument of their choice and/or help guide them in making their choice

Your Music Dealer Can Help!

  • Provide—free of charge—high-quality instruments for the purposes of testing the students
  • Provide band-recruiting posters for in-school use
    Convenient in-school availability of rental instruments, books and music stands
  • Trained music personnel to talk with parents and offer
    guidance if requested
  • Pre-checking each instrument that is rented or leased to ensure it is in top playing condition
  • Equip each instrument that is rented or leased with the necessary accessories for the beginner to get started (for example: reeds, cork grease, oils and swabs)