First Performance National Day of Celebration

First Performance National Day of Celebration

The First Performance National Day of Celebration goes VIRTUAL!

The Virtual First Performance National Day of Celebration, provided by the Music Achievement Council is now available to download for free. This special “virtual” edition is provided as an opportunity for beginning students to perform in that first concert early in the year even if attending school in a 100% virtual environment. Hal Leonard has provided PDFs of the parts, including Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, to name a few, that directors can download below and share with students. For added support, Hal Leonard also provided audio recordings for students to play along with during the performance.

The First Performance National Day of Celebration is celebrated annually the third week of November to honor and recognize the achievements of beginning instrumental music students.  However the virtual event is pre-recorded and available to be accessed and implemented whenever directors choose—ideally, within the first 8 to 10 weeks of school. It couldn't be easier. Students will log onto  YouTube and simply play along in front of family members at home or at a designated location. It is celebrated through the presentation of a demonstration concert that allows these young musicians to showcase their newly-acquired musical skills for the very first time in a successful public venue. This scripted event provides parents with the opportunity to hear their child's progress in a fun and entertaining setting that requires little or no extra work for the teacher as all materials are provided on this website at no charge.


The objectives of the First Performance National Day of Celebrations are:

  • To reduce the beginner dropout rate
  • To provide short-range incentive goals
  • To encourage communication with parents
  • To further strengthen administrative support and
  • To celebrate the musical accomplishments of students

The FPNDOC Toolkit includes:

  • Template letter/invitation to parents
  • Template letter/invitation to the principal/administration
  • Customizable PDF Certificate of Advancement
  • Template scripts
  • Template Press Release Materials

The sound of applause early in a musician's life can encourage continued growth and lead to a lifetime of music-making. This easy-to-implement, turn-key program will serve to provide an exciting first step in that musical journey.

Download your complimentary materials below to prepare for your First Performance National Day of Celebration!

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