Call for Proposals for The 2025 NAMM Show

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The NAMM Foundation presents a comprehensive array of professional development sessions, workshops, and networking events tailored to K-12 and college educators, college students, and nonprofit leaders. Crafted in collaboration with The NAMM Foundation's national partners, our educator sessions deliver innovative programs, tools, and techniques tailored for modern music classrooms. Our student sessions offer college attendees invaluable career development and networking prospects, while nonprofit participants gain insights into best practices, fundraising strategies, and board governance principles. 


We ask that accepted presenters be available Tuesday, January 21 through Saturday, January 25 (typically sessions occur Thursday-Saturday).


The NAMM Foundation is looking for session topics that fall into one of three main areas: Careers and Workforce Development, The Innovative Music Program, and Tools of the Trade. Please review each program area and sample topics below. 


The NAMM Show provides informative and enriching sessions and workshops tailored for educators at all levels, from pre-K to 12, including private and homeschool teachers, community music facilitators, nonprofit and after-school program staff, music therapists, and school administrators.

Examples of K-12 proposal topics that will be considered:  

  • Careers and Workforce Development
    • Non-traditional Pathways
    • Soft Skills
    • Traditional Pathways
  • The Innovative Music Program
    • Adaptive Learning
    • Music Technology
    • Non-traditional Instrumental Instruction
  • Tools of the Trade
    • Advocacy
    • Copyright
    • Instrument Maintenance


This collaboration between The NAMM Foundation and The College Music Society (CMS) offers community college, college, university, and music industry trade school students curated programming relevant to pursuing a career in the music industry as well as professional development for faculty. GenNext session proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of NAMM Foundation and CMS representatives.

Examples of GenNext proposal topics that will be considered: 

  • Careers and Workforce Development 
    • Job Placement and Advancement 
    • Non-traditional Pathways 
    • Soft Skills 
    • Traditional Pathways 
  • The Innovative Music Program 
    • Music Industry Studies 
    • Music Technology 
  • Tools of the Trade 
    • Advocacy 
    • Artist Relations 
    • Basic Business Practices 
    • Copyright 
    • Event Management and Production 
    • Instrument Maintenance 
    • Metadata 

Nonprofit Management Institute 

The Nonprofit Management Institute (NPMI) provides nonprofit music and arts professionals with the resources to grow and succeed. It offers sessions on best practices, fundraising, governance, and more. 

Examples of NPMI proposal topics that will be considered: 

  • Nonprofit Leadership 
  • Board Governance and Management 
  • Fundraising and Grants 
  • Program Assessment/Measuring for Success 
  • For-profit and Non-profit Partnerships


The NAMM Foundation will give preference to proposals that reflect topics as viewed through one or more of the following lenses:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Music and Social Justice
  • Music and Wellness
  • Community Music Making Across the Lifespan

The following qualifications apply:

  • Submitter(s) must have demonstrated proficiency in the topic(s) proposed. 
  • Submitter(s) must become familiar with the audience and goals of the program(s).  
  • Submitter(s) must adhere to deadlines and guidelines.


PresentationOne presenter, specific topic. In-person with the option to prerecord.30 minutesTheater seating, riser, one microphone, screen for PPT, lectern, sound tech.GenNext, K-12, Nonprofit Management Institute
SessionPresenter + up to four panelists, discussion.60 minutesTheater seating, riser, up to 5 chairs, screen for PPT, up to 5 microphones, lectern, sound tech.GenNext, K-12, Nonprofit Management Institute
WorkshopHost + *workshop assistants, demonstration.120 minutesTheater seating (chairs can be moved and reset), up to 5 microphones, screen for PPT, lectern, sound tech. *Workshop assistants are required to help tune/transport instruments to/from storage.K-12


April 15Submissions Open
September 9Submissions Close
October 1Final Acceptance Notification
October 15Speaker Forms Due
November 4NAMM Foundation Education Schedule Officially Published
December 9Prerecorded Sessions, Slideshow Decks, and Handouts for NAMM Show+ are Due. 


  • Please review our anti-trust policies, as speakers cannot talk about pricing or promote their own organization/university during your session. 
  • All accepted proposals must be recorded for NAMM Show+ (the virtual platform) prior to the event. These recordings are for exclusive use on NAMM Show+. Additional instructions and information will be provided upon acceptance of proposals.
  • Once selected, all presenters must agree to—and return—the Speaker Form by October 15, 2024. 
  • All speakers will receive a complimentary speaker badge plus (1) additional guest badge to attend The NAMM Show. *Please note: If a speaker cancels, all associated badges will also be canceled. 
  • All travel-related expenses are the responsibility of the presenter(s). NAMM negotiates special NAMM Show rates, and we encourage presenters to book with one of our partner hotels. Housing for general attendees opens near the end of August. 
  • Due to the high volume of submissions, The NAMM Foundation is unable to provide direct feedback as to why a submission was not accepted.  
  • Submitter (session leader) must confirm and communicate with all co-panelists regarding their interest and availability to present at The NAMM Show prior to submitting a proposal. 
  • Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be returned to the sender with a request to resubmit after meeting submission guidelines.   
  • Though we will consider requests, the session date and time are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of The NAMM Foundation.  
  • The NAMM Foundation reserves the right to edit session titles and descriptions and/or to request changes to format, length, and type of proposal. 


Please complete the online form to submit your session.

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NAMM-CMS Faculty Fellows
This award, open to college faculty, provides a $500 stipend to attend The NAMM Show.  Apply before September 9.

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Lamond GenNext Award
This award, open to college students, provides a $750 stipend to attend The NAMM Show. Apply before September 9.

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Bernice Ash Award
This award, open to NAMM Member employees, provides a $5,000 one-time award, mentorship opportunities, and a $750 travel stipend to attend The NAMM Show. Apply before September 9.

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