Taking It to the Next Level in Music Education Advocacy

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Throughout the year NAMM members have the opportunity to become advocates and support NAMM’s mission to promote music education as a right for all children. As a network of advocates, the SupportMusic Coalition on Coalitions provides tactics, resources and best practices to move and improve state-level policies, funding, and advocacy for music education.

Toward this objective, NAMM member representatives involved in advocacy efforts in 16 states, gathered for a half-day advocacy boot camp on the Tuesday before The 2017 NAMM Show.

Moderated by NAMM Foundation’s Executive Director, Mary Luehrsen, the workshop began with NAMM members sharing music education advocacy challenges in their states. Attendees enjoyed presentations from three national music and arts advocacy experts, covering relevant topics ranging from ‘Leveraging Your Power as Music Business Leaders’ and ‘National Education Reform Updates: What’s Next?’ to ‘Current ESSA Opportunities in Your State’ and ‘Advocacy at the Grassroots.'

The second half of the boot camp provided an opportunity for breakout working groups to assemble by common challenges and themes.  Participants reported gaining new insights, renewed hope and energy, and took away many useful resources for the year ahead.  

“The perspectives and experiences shared today were so valuable,” said Jimmy Edwards, President of Marshall Music Co., “I left the presentation with a clear plan to do more for music education in Michigan this year.”

Mike Kamphuis, managing director, Division of Education at Conn-Selmer said the bootcamp was a highlight of his week.

“I’m excited about the future regardless of the administration because we can be the bridge that brings folks together,” said Kamphuis. “I left The NAMM Show with energy to figure out how I can do more for my organization.” 

SupportMusic’s Coalition on Coalitions Forum

On Friday, Jan. 20, NAMM members, educators and nonprofit representatives gathered at The 2017 NAMM Show to connect with state music education advocacy opportunities in their states.

The forum was moderated by Mary Luehrsen, executive director of the NAMM Foundation, and featured presentations on how to get active in music education advocacy at the state and local level by Jeff Poulin, Americans for the Arts; Lynn Tuttle, National Association for Music Education; Laurie Schell, Music Makes Us; and Jane Best, Arts Education Partnership. 

The forum ended with all attendees sharing their action items for the year ahead.


Missed the Coalition on Coalition Bootcamp or Forum?

Stand by for recordings to be posted here soon. To learn how you can become involved in your state’s advocacy effort, visit NAMM’s State Advocacy Dashboard or contact Eric Ebel today.