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Bridging the Gap: Teaching and Learning Music Online

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In case you missed the live workshop, watch it on YouTube below or use this link to the replay the video:

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A Message from Mary

All of us at The NAMM Foundation express our concern and support for everyone that is experiencing the realities of the current global health crisis.  We hope that you and your families are doing well and taking all the required precautions to be well!

As the restrictions of this time unfold, we share in the disappointments over the cancellations or postponements of festivals, concerts, student honors ensembles and performances and so many other music-making gatherings.  The power of music is amplified through the events we share – be it as performers, learners or audience members.

But there is good news.  Teaching and learning music can continue and even thrive through the remarkable tools, resources and people that are engaging in music online.  Please view a webinar that we hosted on Wednesday, March 18; information covered included:

  • How to be more comfortable teaching online
  • Where to go for support from experts and music educators
  • How to create or adjust your lesson plans for an online learning environment
  • Where you can look for free and intuitive resources as both teacher and learner (all ages!)
  • How to keep things simple so you don't get overwhelmed

Please link to the webinar and share with your network and in the days ahead, please include #MusicIsLife on your posts of music teaching, learning and performing and expand the celebration of music-making for people everywhere.

Mary Luehrsen
Executive Director, The NAMM Foundation

 Mary Luehrsen

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