NAMM's Music Education Leadership "Call to Action" Summit

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NAMM's Music Education Leadership Call to Action at The 2022 NAMM Show

NAMM will present its Music Education Leadership "Call to Action" Summit during The 2022 NAMM Show. The summit will raise critical questions currently facing music education and its future, as well as frame questions, opportunities, and solutions for what, collectively and individually, needs to be addressed to advance music learning opportunities.

Mary Luehrsen, The NAMM Foundation’s Executive Director will host a panel of contributors. Panelists include the Assistant Executive Director for Advocacy and Public Policy for the National Association for Music Education, Amanda Karhuse; Educator and Musician, Kendall Isadore; Founder and CEO of Quadrant Research, Bob Morrison; Educator and Musician, Élise Sharp; Director of Visual and Performing Arts at San Diego Unified School District, Russ Sperling; Executive Director and CEO for the American String Teachers Association, Lynn Tuttle; and Director of Performing Arts and Sports for the National Federation of High School State Associations, James Weaver.

“NAMM has been the ‘tip of the spear’ in leading a national advocacy agenda to expand music education opportunities for children everywhere,” said NAMM’s Mary Luehrsen. “Together with all NAMM members, we are eager to re-ignite our conversations and expand our efforts as defenders of the right for every child to learn and grow with music.”

As the CEO of the nation's leading arts education research organization, Morrison is a pioneer in statewide arts education status and condition research. He reflected on the shift in the discussion surrounding music education over the last 30 years. He said, "The conversation has moved from such things as the need to focus on the 'three r's,' to music in service to other outcomes, No Child Left Behind, and the current Every Student Succeeds Act and the intersection of Social-Emotional Learning and Music Education. Through it all, music education has remained strong."

On the need for the summit, Morrison said, "We are at a real turning point for education and music education in this country. The challenges created by the pandemic have also pointed to new opportunities for the future and the growth of a new generation of music makers. I am excited to share the stage with so many luminaries in the music education field and work toward actions we can take to strengthen music education opportunities for all students."

Weaver, whose background is as a teacher and administrator at the district, state, and national level, echoes Morrison's sentiment. Overseeing student participation, professional development, and awareness of performing arts activities throughout the United States in over 19,500 high schools, Weaver commented on the need for a well-rounded education for all students. "There is plenty of research which shows that participation in high-quality music programs increases graduation rates, reduces student behavioral issues, and increases academic success – all of this on top of the social and emotional benefits inherent in music." He also reflected on the importance of these dialogues as stresses like the lack of new educators entering the profession have on music education.

NAMM Show attendees are invited to join the vital conversation on Saturday, June 4 at 11:30 am in the Anaheim Convention Center, Level 3, Ballroom B. 

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