Host a First Performance National Day of Celebration

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Hose a First Performance National Day of Celebration

Now is the time to schedule your First Performance Concert to take place in the 6th - 7th week of school! There is nothing so exciting as this first concert experience, so take part in the First Performance National Day of Celebration (FPNDOC) celebrated no later than the third Thursday of November (or whenever the timing is best for your program). Don’t wait to get the students pumped up about performing!

Download the free First Performance National Day of Celebration Toolkit

Materials provided in the FPNDOC Toolkit include:

  • Instructional Letter to Director
  • Modifiable Invitation to Parents
  • Modifiable Invitation to Principal
  • Modifiable Certificate of Advancement for Beginners
  • Ideas to Involve High School Students to serve as Music Education Leaders
  • Modifiable Certificate of Music Education Leadership for High School Students who serve in support of the event by becoming involved directly
  • Template Script to Use or Modify
  • Modifiable Press Release Kit

View 3-minute Summary Video provided by Cheryl Floyd

Directors who engage their students, parents, and administrators in this event early in the year have reported that it:

  • Provides short-range goals and recognition which serve as a motivation for increasing the students’ practice regimen;
  • Encourages early engagement with parents who become even more energized and enthusiastic when they see their child performing with their peers for the very first time; and
  • Strengthens administrative support through direct involvement since the script encourages the principal to serve as the emcee for the concert. As such, the principal will certainly realize the level of contagious enthusiasm exhibited by both the students and their parents. (Some directors have gone so far as to write in triangle parts for principals to perform along with the students. Everyone loves to see administrators get in on the action and it’s fun for them as well.)

Read how Brooks Middle School Begining Band demonstrated their version of the FPNDoC for parents and educators at the 2022 IMEC conference.

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