Music Education: Articles & News

  • Benefits of Learning and Playing Music for Adults

    Playing music has been scientifically proven to benefit people of all ages—and, it’s fun to do. Adults who play an instrument—even if it’s just for fun—are able to reduce their stress and use the activity as an emotional outlet. Working adults reduce their chances of job “burnout.”
  • Music and Toddlers: Benefits of Music and Movement in Early Childhood

    According to Sandra Trehub, Professor Emeritus, Infant and Child Studies Center at the University of Toronto, perhaps the world's foremost expert on infant auditory development and the development of music abilities and music perception in children, babies are naturally musical. Studies at the University of Toronto show that infants:
  • NAMM Foundation Helps Anaheim City School District Orchestrate School Music Program

    Grant shores up comprehensive music education programs in the community surrounding The NAMM Show
  • NAMM Foundation Spotlights 2014's Best Communities for Music Education

    NAMM Foundation Spotlights 2014's Best Communities for Music Education
  • Children & Technology

    How Technology Can Assist in Advocating an Elementary Music Program

    When I first began teaching elementary general music, I realized quickly that there was a misconception that an elementary music program consisted of playing “fun” musical instruments, singing songs, dancing around the music room, and preparing for concerts.
  • Best Communities for Music Education logo

    FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: “Best Communities for Music Education” Designees Discuss How the BCME Survey Helps Assess and Strengthen Music Education Programs

    For the past 13 years, The NAMM Foundation has recognized the “Best Communities for Music Education” (BCME) via an annual survey that celebrates music education as part of the core curriculum in US public schools. In addition to acknowledging community support for music education, the survey provides a tool for schools to assess program elements that are necessary for children to receive an exemplary education in music.
  • Music Lessons as Child May Keep Aging Minds Sharp

    Learning to play a musical instrument as a child may help keep the mind sharp for years after the last note is played.
  • Childhood Music Lessons Keep Aging Brain In Tune

    A new study finds that older adults with musical experience perform better on some cognitive tests than those who had never studied music. With only 70 participants, the study was small, but the results match those from other studies of challenging tasks, including findings that learning a second language protects against dementia.
  • FOCUS ON ISSUES & DECISIONMAKING: Why Creativity Matters

    On November 15-17, 2010 leaders from around the world will converge in Oklahoma City for the 2010 Creativity World Forum. This global event will explore how creativity and innovation drive commerce, culture and education, and will feature some of the world’s greatest thinkers in this area such as The New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink (“A Whole New Mind;” “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”) and the note
  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: The Real “Crisis” in This Budget Crisis

    Virtually 100% of our nation’s schools currently face the same budget crisis. Yet this “crisis” is an opportunity for school boards and administrators to take a fresh look at our educational goals, policies and practices, and to re-evaluate what is truly important and what truly works. It’s an opportunity to re-define what comprises “the best possible education for our children.”