William R. Gard Scholarship

The William R. Gard Memorial Scholarship was established by NAMM, the National Association for Music Merchants, to encourage individuals to pursue education and careers in the music products industry.

Named for a former NAMM Executive Vice President, the Gard Scholarship is available to NAMM member employees who are attending college.


  • Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $2,000 per academic year and may be renewed for up to three additional years
  • Employment with a NAMM member company in good standing
  • Must have completed at least 400 hours of employment at the NAMM member company
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time college student for the upcoming fall term
  • Must submit letters of recommendation; recent transcripts
  • Maintain an overall 3.0-grade point average
  • Funds are sent directly to the recipient's college or university
  • The scholarship may be used toward the recipient's tuition or mandatory fees and will be disbursed in the fall
  • The recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student at the time of disbursement
  • If the student leaves school, any unused funds must be returned to The NAMM Foundation Gard Scholarship Fund

NOTE: As a graduate student, you are eligible to apply for a scholarship renewal of one additional year; the second year must follow the current year of the award.

The opportunity to apply has closed

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Learn more about William Gard. He served as the NAMM Executive President for over 35 years, beginning right after World War II.