2014 Music Making Grant Recipients

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The NAMM Foundation allocates a half million dollars in grants to fund music programs around the world. This year’s list includes 16 grantees from community, national and industry-based organizations that help to provide access to quality music education and promote the pleasures and benefits of making music.

The 2014-15 grants represent a small percentage of the NAMM Foundation’s annual multimillion-dollar reinvestment into scientific research, advocacy, philanthropic giving, and public service programs related to making music. Through its partners, the NAMM Foundation fortifies programs that increase interest and participation in making music among people of all ages and stations. Since 1994, the NAMM Foundation has assisted worthy domestic and international music-making programs with nearly $14.6 million in grant-making support.

“These projects advance access to music by providing innovative music learning experiences,” said Mary Luehrsen, executive director of the NAMM Foundation. “Through their efforts, these organizations galvanize support for music education in the communities they serve. We are honored to support them and we value their collaboration.”

The following programs received grant approval during the recent National Association of Music Merchants’ (NAMM) Board of Directors’ meeting:

Australian Music Association

The Australian Music Association is the trade body for the music-products industry, representing wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and associated services for musical instruments, pro audio, print music, lighting and computer music products. NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of Musical Futures/Wider Opportunities Whole Class Integration Program, providing professional development for primary teachers to teach music to students in grades 3 -10.

Coalition for Music Education in Canada

The Coalition for Music Education in Canada’s mission is to raise the awareness and understanding of the role that music education plays in Canadian culture, and to promote the benefits that music education brings to young people. NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of its Music Monday program, a public awareness initiative that engages thousands of music makers and the media in the opportunity to celebrate music making's vital role in school and in life, and to expand its Wise Voices for Music® program. The Wise Voices for Music program provides opportunities for Canadian youth to express their passion for music and translate it into action. 

Dallas Wind Symphony

The Dallas Wind Symphony is the leading professional civic wind band in the United States. Dallas Wind Symphony uses concerts as a recruitment tool to encourage sixth-grade band participation. NAMM Foundation funding will support the Dallas Winds Band Camp. The camp, now in its seventh year, is the largest urban band camp in the country, and the only camp targeted for low-income, inner city youth. The Band Camp offers these students a chance to participate in a fun, arts-centered environment -- keeping them away from negative influences during the summer, encouraging their growth as musicians, and pushing them towards the goal of graduation.

Guitars and Accessories Marketing Association

The Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) is a trade association comprising guitar products manufacturers and distributors. NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of Teacher Guitar Workshop (TGW), a professional development program to provide music educators with the basic skills and tools necessary to introduce and teach group guitar instruction in schools.

Guitars in The Classroom

Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) trains and equips classroom teachers to integrate singing and playing guitar into children’s daily school experiences. By providing instruction, access to instruments, resource materials, and program supervision, GITC empowers educators to transform classrooms into musical environments that bring out the best in all students by engaging them in studies across the curriculum. NAMM Foundation funding supports the Deepening District Impact with the Common Core and Music Education program.

Little Kids Rock

Little Kids Rock’s mission is to restore and revitalize music education in U.S. public schools. It provides free musical instruments and music instruction to underserved schools across the country. NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of its Modern Band program in Nashville. The grant will expand its reach by providing more than 3,000 new students an opportunity to participate in Modern Band.

Manhattan School of Music

The Manhattan School of Music’s newest program, Music Technology and Contemporary Media, convenes leaders in the music industry, music media and technology and develop curricular priorities and guidelines available to all sectors of music education seeking to provide students with hands-on music technology training. 

Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting music through donations of musical instruments to young musicians. NAMM Foundation funding supports the Michael Kamen Grant, which is their sole program addressing music program needs at Title 1 schools.

Music For All

Music For All/UK is the charity attached to the UK musical instrument industry. The organization’s mission is “Making More Musicians!” NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Music for All, Traction Project, introducing thousands of children to a variety of musical instruments in schools in the United Kingdom and supporting music instruction programs.  This is done in collaboration with the music dealer network in the UK.

National Piano Foundation

PianoNet is the official site for the National Piano Foundation, a comprehensive guide to pianos, including the history, manufacturing, related noted artists, important publications, and more. NAMM Foundation funding will continue to support its partnership with the Music Teachers National Association and promote the RMM Teacher Scholarship Program to help the independent piano teacher. The program helps piano teachers, whether they're new to the profession or veterans, receive training in the techniques and skills required to create and grow a successful RMM program. These newly trained teachers will begin RMM programs in their own communities.

National String Project Consortium

The National String Project Consortium (NSPC) is a coalition of String Project sites based at colleges and universities across the United States. The NSPC is dedicated to increasing the number of children playing stringed instruments, and addressing the critical shortage of string teachers in the United States. NAMM Foundation funding supports creating, developing and sustaining four NSPC Sting Projects.

Orchestre A L’Ecole

Orchestre A L’Ecole, a non-profit music trade association in France, aims to develop the musical abilities of young people in schools in disadvantaged areas. NAMM Foundation funding supports Orchestre à l'Ecole’s regional rallies providing music making opportunities to children, their families and their teachers.

Percussion Marketing Council

The Percussion Marketing Council’s mission is to provide professional marketing and advertising campaigns, programs and activities that bring increased public awareness to drumming, thus increasing the number of people playing all types of drums. NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Roots of Rhythm interdisciplinary music education program and the Percussion in the Schools assembly program to serve schools throughout the United States.

Percussive Arts Society, Inc.

Percussive Arts Society (PAS) is a nonprofit, music service organization. Its mission is to promote percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world. NAMM Foundation funding supports the Find Your Rhythm! Community Outreach program designed to engage fourth- and fifth-grade students in active music making using rhythm-based instruments. The program serves low-income youth from Indianapolis city schools.

San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory

The San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory instills excellence in the musical and personal development of students through rigorous and inspiring musical-training experiences. NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Community Opus Project, which provides community-based music programs for at-risk youth in San Diego County, as well as community-wide efforts to reinstate music education programs.

Technology Institute for Music Educators

The Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist music educators in applying technology to improve teaching and learning in music. NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of TI:ME’s Technology Leadership Academy, a program for pre-service music education majors focusing attention on the emerging interest to reach non-traditional music students with technology-based music programs.