California Music Education Advocacy Action Alert!

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California Music Education Advocacy Action Alert

Earlier this week, Californian Assembly Bill 2862, calling for the adoption of new California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Standards unanimously passed the legislature and is now headed to Governor Brown’s desk for approval. NAMM Member and public support in collaboration with several state advocacy organizations has been crucial thus far, and is needed now to get the Bill signed into Law by Governor Brown.
Action:  Using the sample letter here, customize your own letter and mail it to Governor Brown asking him to sign CA Bill 2862 into law. Please also email a copy of your letter to Lynne Faulks, CMEA lobbyist, with CC to Eric Ebel at NAMM. Note that all letters must be on company letterhead and contain a signature.
When: Now. Lynne Faulks will include your emailed copy with the request for Governor Brown’s signature on Friday, September 2, 2016.
Thank you in advance for doing your part! With your help, all students in California may benefit from the opportunities to learn and grow with music.


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