Networking at The NAMM Show Leads a Music College Student to a Career in the Industry

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The GenNext experience at NAMM Shows is a must for all college music students. College student and now alumni, Katelyn Reithel gained crucial insight into the music products industry as a NAMM GenNext-er attending The NAMM Show. Reithel journeyed to The NAMM Show twice, once as a freshman and President's Innovation Award recipient, and second as a junior. Each year she strengthened relationships with college students, faculty and members from the global music products industry.

“Strong connections are made from networking at GenNext events,” said Reithel, “There’s talk about accomplishments, struggles, and more.”

A NAMM Show highlight for Reithel was attending the College Music Society/GenNext educational sessions and hearing industry professionals bounce ideas or stories back and forth on a stage.

“To be in the same room as music business professionals knee deep in the industry is an experience! Not to mention an opportunity to make connections you won't get anywhere else,” said Reithel. “Our industry covers the entire world map- but when you think about it, the music industry is SO small and unified.”

The experience Katelyn received led her to work for NAMM member, Brass Bell Music in Wisconsin, where she currently coordinates events and social media.

Tristann Reick, owner of Brass Bell Music, said that Katelyn has a fresh approach to creating content and is increasing frequency of social media posts.   

"Katelyn's hard work has helped us translate ideas into reality with our events," said Reick. "She is a welcome addition the Brass Bell team!"

Like Katelyn, your career in music can begin at The NAMM Show! Register today.

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