Grantee Spotlight: Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

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A NAMM Foundation partner and grantee for over twenty years, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation keeps music alive in our schools by donating musical instruments and support services to under-funded music programs across the U.S. Inspired by the acclaimed film Mr. Holland’s Opus, the Foundation gives economically-disadvantaged youth access to the many benefits of music education, leading them to success in school, and inspiring creativity and expression through making music.

Serving 2,000-5,000 people each year, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation goes beyond providing instruments to schools in need by also consulting with and supporting district leadership in implementing their arts plans. They collaborate with schools to ensure their donations will complement a sustainable, long-term music program and strategize to support the school districts’ vision for music education. Additionally, they assist schools within K-12 feeder programs to ensure that once a student is enrolled in a music program, they can continue participating through graduation. The Foundation collects data from their schools, showing the impact of quality music education for students including increased student academic achievement, reduced student behavioral issues and suspensions, increased attendance and graduation rates, increased community engagement, and increased teacher retention.

“The NAMM Foundation’s unwavering support translates into a deep impact in the communities we serve, strengthening and sustaining music education and giving kids a chance to learn and grow through this powerful medium," said Felice Mancini, President and CEO of Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. "Without The NAMM Foundation, we could not have come as far as we have over 21 years and we wouldn’t have been able to put quality instruments into more than 1,500 schools across the country.”

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