Mind, Body and Spirit Practices for Musicians

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Believe in Music

Believe in Music Week

The NAMM Foundation presented several Music and Wellness events during Believe in Music Week, Jan 18-22. Programming included yoga for musicians, rhythmic breathing and drumming, and hand drumming and meditation. 

To watch these special events, register for Believe in Music Week. These sessions will be available until Feb. 28. 

Yoga for All Musicians 

During this session, the Yoga for All Musicians team guided attendees through yoga techniques, such as physical movement, meditation, and breathwork, as well as addressed performance anxiety and repetitive motion injuries. 


Lucas Sanchez was pleasantly surprised with the practice. “Never thought I'd do yoga at NAMM, but that was great!” he said.  

This session is applicable to performers, educators, and anybody in the music industry seeking more body awareness and stress management. 

Believe in Rhythm 

Author and music therapist Christine Stevens guided participants through rhythmic breathing and guided imagery drumming. 


"Rhythm can help your health and wellness,” said Stevens. “Body, mind, and spirit.” 

According to Stevens, group drumming has become a leading wellness tool, boosting the immune system on a cellular level, improving mood states, reducing burn out, and improving teamwork in corporations.  

Participant Marciano Moreno, a music retailer, was overjoyed with the session. “[What an] emotional release! Great to connect.”  

Hand Drumming & Meditation 

In this interactive session, Christine Stevens guided participants in a breathing and rhythmical practice using the frame drum to invoke the five elements of earth, fire, air, water, and space, as tools for personal wellness. 


The benefits of meditating are obvious to Benjamin Shepherd, a guitar instructor. “I could start every morning this way!” he said.   

This session shows how drumming has been a growing tool for the yoga and wellness markets. 

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