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Talking Up Music Education Podcast

Talking Up Music Education is a podcast from The NAMM Foundation about music education. Download and listen to episodes tailored for nonprofits. 

Hunger to Do Something Amazing: From N.W.A. to Open Labs—Arabian Prince Gets Futuristic 


Arabian Prince got his start in Compton where his mother was a piano teacher and his father was a radio talk show host. He developed an affinity for technology at a young age and began paying around with synthesizers, echo boxes, and computers to make new sounds. His career took off when he co-founded N.W.A. and he continues to write songs, produce, and DJ—in addition to his big philanthropic project, Open Labs.

“I want to teach the next generation," said Prince. "Give them the tools early to open their minds. That's how we get innovation.”

Steve Venz: Creating Change Through Music Education

Steve Venz, Chief Program Officer of Little Kids Rock -a NAMM Foundation grantee- shares his insight as a devoted music education advocate including a review of resources available to teachers and administrators to serve as champions for music education in their communities.

“Build the infrastructure and get parents involved,” said Venz. “If you get the school community finding value, during hard times they're not going to cut anything.”

Music Haven’s Mandi Jackson Chats Virtual Learning for Connecticut Music Students

Mandi Jackson, Executive Director of Music Haven, shares her thoughts about equity and access to music education and virtual music as a life line for students in New Haven, Connecticut.

“What we’re doing at Music Haven is a lot more than music,” said Jackson. “Our kids are engaged in social-action projects, playing in the community, and really learning a whole bunch of skills that help them in so many ways, regardless of whether they decide to go into music.” 

A Road to MORE: School and Community Arts Education Partnerships


David Dik, National Executive Director of Young Audiences Arts for Learning, discusses the importance of arts standards and giving teachers the ability to have flexibility within those standards that will equip students with the skills and methodology for success.

“And without a doubt, the percussionist that can influence somebody else to be a percussionist, that’s a great story," said Dik. "Those students will be members of a community…and they become the voice to say how important the arts are.” 

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