The Business Side of Teaching School Music: Choosing a Music Dealer

Music educators are encouraged to watch “Tips for Success” videos (brought to you by The Music Achievement Council). The Music Achievement Council is an action-oriented nonprofit enabling more students to begin and stay in instrumental music programs.
Talking Up Music Education Podcast

OK Go Drummer Dan Konopka Talks Innovation in Music Performance and Video

Talking Up Music Education is a podcast from The NAMM Foundation about music education. Download episode 46 today.

Grantee Spotlight: VH1 Save The Music Foundation

Since its inception in 1997, VH1 Save The Music Foundation has partnered with The NAMM Foundation to help further their mission of raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s well-rounded, complete education.

Grantee Spotlight: Guitars in The Classroom

Guitars in the Classroom, a 12-year NAMM Foundation grant recipient which serves over 260,000 children per year, is dedicated to increasing literacy and learning across the curriculum through integrated music making in public elementary school classrooms.
Talking Up Music Education Podcast

Country Music Star Hunter Hayes on Growing Up With Music

Talking Up Music Education is a podcast from The NAMM Foundation about music education. Download episode 47 today.

Grantee Spotlight: Percussion Marketing Council (PMC)

The Percussion Marketing Council (PMC) is deeply committed to helping to create more music makers. A 20-year NAMM Foundation Music Making Program grantee, PMC uniquely understands that the future of percussion products is directly linked to the creation of more players, and by creating more music makers, all music retailers (manufacturers, distributors, publishers etc.) benefit!

Recipients of the Nonprofit Management Institute Certification at The 2018 NAMM Show

Congratulations to all organizations that received a Nonprofit Management Institute certificate from The 2018 NAMM Show!

The Fabric of Life-long Community Music Making

Community music-making events at The 2018 NAMM Show focused on providing steps to life-long music making.

Music Starts Here: Students at Orange Grove Elementary School Enjoy a Day of Music Making with NAMM Member Volunteers

On Jan. 23, 2018, NAMM members participated in a Day of Service to kick off The 2018 NAMM Show. Volunteers supported Anaheim Elementary School District’s effort to bolster music education at Orange Grove Elementary School.

From The Desk of Mary: Together, We Keep Music Education Strong

Our January newsletter reaches you as we approach the The 2018 NAMM Show. Safe journey to the 1,500 music teachers and school administrators coming to Anaheim for Music Education Days, and over 2,000 college music students and faculty exploring careers in music who are joining us for the GenNext program.