Talking Up Music Education Podcast

It Takes a Village: Building a Resounding Yes for Music Education

Talking Up Music Education is a podcast from The NAMM Foundation about music education. Download episode 32 today!

MAC Corner: How to Maximize Fiscal Opportunities

[Band] directors are entrusted with thousands of dollars of instruments and equipment, yet along the way, few have ever had a course in business management. But to maximize the fiscal opportunities that exists, we need to understand the process and be sure we have the documents to support our case.

Telling the Story: What Administrators Can Do For a Music Program

Music educators are encouraged to watch “Tips for Success” videos (brought to you by The Music Achievement Council). The Music Achievement Council is an action-oriented nonprofit organization enabling more students to start and stay in instrumental music programs.

The Contagious Energy of GenNext at The NAMM Show

Each January, college music students and faculty from across the U.S. gather in sunny southern California for GenNext at The NAMM Show. Here’s what attendees had to say about The 2017 NAMM Show.

A Gold Mine of Valuable Information at Music Education Days

Each January, music educators from across the U.S. gather in sunny southern California for Music Education Days (MED) at The NAMM Show. Here’s what attendees had to say about show.

Stepping Stones to Life-long Music Making

Recreational music-making events at The 2017 NAMM Show focused on providing steps to life-long music making.

Music Rocks: Students at Patrick Henry Elementary School Dedicated to The Arts

On Jan. 17, 2017, NAMM members participated in a Day of Service, as part of The 2017 NAMM Show. Volunteers supported Anaheim Elementary School District’s effort to bolster music education at Patrick Henry Elementary School.

Networking at The NAMM Show Leads a Music College Student to a Career in the Industry

The GenNext experience at NAMM Shows is a must for all college music students. Read how Katelyn Reithel networked her way into a career in the global music products industry.
California Music Education Advocacy Action Alert

California Music Education Advocacy Action Alert!

With your help, all students in California may benefit from the opportunities to learn and grow with music.

Summer Kicks Off with Worldwide Make Music Day Celebrations

NAMM members play major role in thousands of free, outdoor music making events on June 21