The NAMM Foundation Announces $539,500 in Grants to 26 Music-Making Programs

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The NAMM Foundation has announced grants to 26 music-making organizations totaling $539,50 The beneficiaries count 20 domestic and six international music service organizations, and each provide access to music-making opportunities across a variety of different communities and demographics.

Anafima Associação Nacional dos Fabricantes de Instrumentos Musicais e Audio Ltd (ANAFIMA)
NAMM Foundation funding supports Make Music Day, Latin America, June 21, 2021, following the successful implementation strategies of 2020 that were both in-person and online. Make Music Day invites all people to make music, to have free taster lessons that have grown over the past three years.

Australian Music Association
NAMM Foundation funding supports the Young Warriors Music Live program, connecting young people to youth development and mental health services. Funding will also support Make Music Day 2021, giving Australia a unique opportunity to partner with key music organizations and strengthen awareness and commitment to the importance of music-making and music education for all Australian citizens. 

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
NAMM Foundation funding supports OrchKids Academy, to help fill the private lesson gap for many of their students.  They have partnered with the Peabody Preparatory for the Private Lesson Academy with Peabody Work Study Instructors and promising OrchKids students giving them individualized attention, advancing their musical skill sets.  Since the March lock down,  they continued to offer all students lessons via the platform, Teacher Zone.

Coalition for Music Education in Canada
NAMM Foundation funding continues to support the expansion of the Coalition’s Music Monday program, a public awareness initiative. MM connects thousands of music makers and educators across the country and has attracted national media, politicians and artists in promoting the importance of music education for all children in Canada. Funding will also continue to advance its Youth4Music program, led by youth, for youth, through music.

Dallas Wind Symphony
NAMM Foundation funding continues to support DWS’s program "Strike Up the Band!" recruitment concerts in Jan. 2021, either in-person or online using video footage and supporting curriculum.  Funding will also support the “Dallas Winds Honor Band” in-person and virtually if distance learning is still in place in Jan. 2021 as well as “Dallas Winds Band Camp”.   The Dallas ISD is committed to working with DWS in Summer 2021 to making this happen. These three programs serve Dallas ISD students from fifth through twelfth grades with goals to diversity instrumental music participation in the DISD.

Engage, Inc.
NAMM Foundation funding supports “EngAGE in Music”.  The program will consist of 10 to 12 weeks of once/week classes in two locations: Pomona, CA and Portland, OR. The classes will offer a comprehensive and consistent curriculum with tailored options for skill-building and learning. Their main goal is to battle social isolation and loneliness among their seniors while increasing a sense of purpose and social engagement, offering all participants the joy of artistic exploration.  At this writing, support through music experiences continues online.

Guitars and Accessories Marketing Association
NAMM Foundation funding continues to support Guitars and Accessories Marketing Association’s (GAMA) Teaching Guitar Workshops, training virtually with school music educators to use guitar and/or ukulele in school music curriculum.

Guitars in the Classroom
NAMM Foundation funding supports GITC’s creation of materials to sustain online training, online teaching artist residencies, and when schools resume, supporting 6 professional development classes during the school year. They will continue offering 4 levels of classes, Adaptive Music for Achievement in Inclusion and Special Education (AMAISE)training, literacy through Music, Math + Music = Success workshops, and Songwriting Saturdays.

Little Kids Rock
NAMM Foundation supports LKR’s Digital Expansion Initiative.  The goals of the program will support their four pillars of their value chain: Certification (teacher training), Community of Practice, Curricular Materials and Classroom Equipment to an all-digital format.  This positions them to reach more students during the COVID crisis and create an infrastructure to support future efforts to scale their program both in-person and online.

The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
NAMM Foundation funding will be used to purchase new instruments for one to two schools that are invited to apply.  The goal is to provide enough new inventory to allow more students to have access to their music program, eliminate sharing with other students, eliminate borrowing instruments from neighboring schools, and to improve the overall quality and enjoyment of being in the music program.

Music For All
NAMM Foundation funding continues to support the “Learn to Play Day” and “Make Music Day 2021”.  The “Learn to Play Day”, will be held in more than 100 venues.  “Make Music Day” UK predicted to exceed 1,500 events by over 60,000 people.

Musical Futures International, Inc.
NAMM Foundation funding continues to support Musical Futures Asia. The objective is to increase the scale and scope of music education delivery in Asia.   In many Asian countries, in-person learning has or will resume.  However, they have taken this time to produce online training workshops. They have also developed resources that can be downloaded and used in-person or online.

Music Haven
NAMM Foundation funding supports Music Haven’s goal to provide academic and economic success for their students by providing 1 to 1 lessons, mentoring, family engagement and equity and access in the arts. Online learning, mentoring and support for students in the program have been ongoing through school closures.

National Guild for Community Arts Education
NAMM Foundation funding supports the CCAOLP to help up to 10 current creative aging providers: providing high quality, live, online, interactive creative aging programs and share lessons with the broader creative aging field.

National Piano Foundation
NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the National Piano Foundation’s (NPF) RMM training for piano teachers in collaboration with Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) from in-person to online training. The project trains experienced piano teachers in methods for group piano instruction that advances overall enjoyment and group participation in music-making along with learning music’s elements.

National String Project Consortium
NAMM Foundation funding supports the emerging programs of four existing sites and an addition of a new site, the University of Northern Colorado.  Their goal is to establish and nourish new and existing string project sites based on the NSPC model for this dissemination program, the USC String Project in Columbia, SC. In a city that had no history of string playing, the university created a program that nurtured young musicians, educated string teachers and helped create public school programs. Training will continue online, though target campuses are open and masks and social distancing support the health and safety protocols set forth by local health authorities.

Orchestre a' L'Ecole
NAMM Foundation funding supports year three of a five-year development plan with the goal of having 50,000 children involved in school orchestras by 2022.  They are expecting 158 applications for new orchestras or the school year 2020/21, but due to the COVID 19, the number of expanded ensembles likely to be about half this targeted goal.

Percussion Marketing Council
NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of Drum Set in the Classroom (DSIC) to adapt to virtual learning. The objective of the program brings drum set playing to students and teachers of all ages and abilities primarily through classroom curriculum instruction at school assemblies and workshops.

Percussive Arts Society
NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of Rhythm! Discovery Center’s (R!DC) accessible, high-quality music programs that serve K-12 school audiences, their families and the public from in-person to a virtual experience. R!DC's signature program, "Find Your Rhythm!" currently serves more than 5,000 Indianapolis-region students, teachers and families, each year with hands-on learning and teacher training through school programs and community programming.

San Diego Youth Symphony
NAMM Foundation funding continues to support the Community Opus Project and the expansion of the after-school virtually in the Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD). SDYS consults, trains, loans instruments, and provides overall support to the district, school administrators and music teachers to guide the development of the music curriculum and opportunities for all students. Within the next 2-3 years, all financial and programmatic responsibility for the program will develop to be overseen by the school district and meet ongoing goals for program expansion to all students. SDYS will continue ongoing research to assess student, family and community engagement in the program.

SongwritingWith: Soldiers
NAMM Foundation funding supports two SWS retreats.  The grant supports new online pilots of workshops, songwriting sessions, and concerts for outreach in response to COVID-19 social distancing as well as up to tw0 retreats of four in either New York, Tennessee, Texas and Colorado for veterans. The in-depth 3-day retreat program includes wellness and workshop settings based in positive psychology to craft songs about combat and the transition home.

The Sphinx Organization, Inc.
NAMM Foundation funding supports the continued efforts to provide music education and exposure to Black and Latino students through the Sphinx Performance Academy which provides full-scholarship summer chamber music and solo performance program designed for string players, ages 11-17.  Due to COVID-19, the Performance Academy has moved online.

Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME)
NAMM Foundation funding supports online changes to existing programs, “the Leadership Academy” and “TI:ME Certification courses”.   Participants in the Leadership Academy will be encouraged to seek out music technology resources and businesses in their community or online, and opportunities to encourage interns to mix and collaborate using internet social networking tools.  The TI:ME Certification course will migrate to a robust online platform, Music First. This project is timely as it will allow for continued professional development opportunities regardless of the ability to meet face to face. The grant funds will be used to hire course facilitators, finish content development, market the PD training to all MEAs, and to subsidize the course tuition in a first-year rollout scholarship for 100 participants.

Save the Music Foundation (formerly VH1 Save the Music Foundation)
NAMM Foundation funding supports the Core Band Grant in a school in Danbury Public Schools, with the goal of music education for every student in the district.  Funding will also support the purchase of a hybrid upright piano for a school in need.  STM will work with a local NAMM retailer on the purchase. At this writing, schools in CT anticipate to re-open on “health and safety” protocols in September with ongoing music education offerings operating aligned with these guidelines.

UCLArts & Healing
NAMM Foundation funding supports the Beat the Odds Drumming program, partnership with Turnaround Arts California, focusing on adolescents and the effects of bullying.  Arts for Healing also developed new methods of evaluating outcomes. Considering the continuing need for social distancing, teachers will receive online training and be taught how to deliver M3 experiences online as well.

Young Audiences Arts for Learning
NAMM Foundation funding continues to support, sustain and expand The NAMM Foundation Nonprofit Management Institute at The 2021 NAMM Show that will likely be part of the offerings from The NAMM Foundation and part of Believe in Music Week.  The Institute helps the musician who has just started their nonprofit to one who has been doing it for a very long time. The following topic areas will be explored, Online Learning, Intellectual Property, Social Emotional Learning, The Nonprofit Organization as a Small Business in addition to such areas as Board Development, Fundraising and Program Assessment.