How to Create Music Programs in Your Community

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Music Creation Programs

Creating music programs in your community is easier than you think! The NAMM Foundation presents music-making activities and resources for NAMM members and community organizations to spread the joys and benefits of making music. Recommended programs include Make Music Day, in-store programs, Day of Service events, A Cappella at NAMM and more.

Learn more about music creation programs below and get involved!

Music Creation Programs

Make Music Day

Make Music Day is a free celebration of making music around the world on June 21st, the summer solstice and on December 21, the winter solstice. Completely different from a typical music festival, Make Music Day is open to anyone who wants to take part—regardless of ability or experience. Thousands of amateur musicians play in public spaces, often for the first time.

"The main thing is just to not to be afraid to get involved. Make Music Day can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be,” said Miriam Risko, owner of Risko Music. “You can start small. Even if you just have five [events] in your town, you can do it.”

Today, Make Music Day is observed on the same day(s) in more than 1,000 cities around the world and is the world’s largest annual music event  Learn more and get involved.

Make music in your local music retail storeIn-store Programs

Many local music stores bring musicians together by creating highly successful in-store programs. They give back to their musical communities by interacting with them in new and innovative ways, including in-store music making events.

"It's all about making music and the richness of community and experience," explains Mary Luehrsen, executive director of The NAMM Foundation.

NAMM's Day of ServiceDay of Service

There are many ways to advance music making, but few are as direct as doing a musical Day of Service in a local school, community center or health/wellness facility. This is an opportunity for you to connect with—or deepen your connection to—your community and to create more music makers.

“You should go out and volunteer if you can, because children are the future of music,” said Sean Oliu, a performing artist, on participating in NAMM’s Day of Service. “Seeing that love for music come through in the next generation and in the younger kids now, it’s amazing.”

The NAMM Foundation has resources and suggestions for planning and hosting your own Day of Service.  Learn more and download the toolkit today.

 A Capella @ NAMM

A Cappella @ NAMM is a program that invites college and university A Cappella groups to enter a contest to perform at The NAMM Show. A Cappella groups are invited to submit a video to be considered for performance slots on NAMM Show stages.

“Being in an a cappella group is really just a great outlet for people to be able to express themselves musically,” said Aram Krakirian, a member of ScatterTones, the Grand Prize winner of A Cappella at NAMM at The 2020 NAMM Show.

Interested participating in A Cappella @ NAMM at The 2021 NAMM Show? Contact Claire Kreger-Boaz.

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