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  • FOCUS ON STUDENTS: Award-winning Students Express Why Music Education is Key to a Well-Rounded School Curriculum

    Ten student essay winners captured how music education programs help keep them engaged in school and assist them on their way to becoming responsible citizens. For them, music education is about much more than simply learning to play the notes on a page: it’s about teamwork, communication, discipline, discovering the power of self-expression, joy and enjoyment, and developing respect for others.
  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: The Real “Crisis” in This Budget Crisis

    Virtually 100% of our nation’s schools currently face the same budget crisis. Yet this “crisis” is an opportunity for school boards and administrators to take a fresh look at our educational goals, policies and practices, and to re-evaluate what is truly important and what truly works. It’s an opportunity to re-define what comprises “the best possible education for our children.”
  • Grantee Spotlight: VSA

    VSA, the International Organization on Arts and Disability. The Washington, D.C.-based VSA seeks to provide arts and education opportunities for people with disabilities and increase access to the arts for all.
  • FOCUS ON ADVOCACY: Develop an Annual Report Featuring Your Music Education Program

    (Editor’s Note: Successful public school music education program advocates continually highlight the positive impact these programs have on students. Now more than ever, consider presenting an annual report to administrators and school board members. When done on an annual basis, it offers an opportunity to highlight achievements and evaluate progress made. This article by Dr. John Benham elaborates.)
  • ADVOCACY IN TIMES OF FISCAL CRISIS: Your Local Music Coalition

    Because it is the most effective way to ensure that your school district provides equal educational opportunities for all students to participate in the making of music! An effective local music coalition holds a school district accountable for student-centered decision making.
  • FOCUS ON COALITION BUILDING: Advocate for Music Education

    Consider this: as we race willy-nilly through adulthood, today’s five year old children are right behind us; they’ll reach retirement age in 2070. If you’re like me, you have little time to consider what our global human society will truly be like so long from now – yet our actions today will absolutely shape our children’s well-being, productivity and life experiences. So it is our responsibility and privilege to help young people prepare today for their future success in work and life.
  • FOCUS ON ISSUES AND DECISIONMAKING: Do Your Elected Officials View Music Education as a National Priority?

    As a member of Congress, I represent the people of Clark County, Nevada, one of the fastest growing communities in the country. As our community has grown at a rapid pace so has the Clark County School District.
  • FOCUS ON COALITION BUILDING: American Symphony Orchestra League Launches Historic Statement of Common Cause to Support In-School Music Education

    As orchestras look to the challenges in their future, we cannot afford to overlook our natural allies. Whether in matters of public policy, the education of our country’s youth, or the deepening engagement with our communities, we must work closely with our partners in other music disciplines and the other arts, both locally and nationally. As we develop our agenda we need to pay increasingly close attention to how our communities are changing, and to their shifting priorities and new ways of engaging with the arts.
  • FOCUS ON STUDENTS: The Study Hall Game

    If you look at your school district’s approach to study hall scheduling, you may find an easy and very telling way to see if your administration has a student-focused or adult-focused approach to music education. What follows is a real-life example from one school district to alert you about some common issues that may arise in your school.